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September 2018


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Tour our High Speed Balance Facility

MD&A has one of the most modern high-speed balance facilities in the world. We service rotors for generators, steam turbines, gas turbines, large motors, and boiler feed pump turbines. Take a Tour and learn more:


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Did You Know?


MD&A is an exclusive sponsor of the Electric GENERATORS 2018 Annual Review, a special report by Combined Cycle Journal.


Spare Assets
For Sale




MD&A has the expertise you need to extend the life of your aging turbine fleet.  From Remaining Life Assessment to our Parts Life Extension Clinic, we have the experts on hand to keep your turbine running!

One call, one source, powerful solutions!


MD&A now offers gas turbine parts life extension through our integration of PW Power Systems IGT division based in San Antonio, Texas.

We can extend the service life of components whose OEM service limit has passed or whose configuration is no longer suitable to operate. Significant savings can be realized by opting for lower-cost repaired spares instead of new parts.


Our experts assessed both the current condition and remaining life of a 1968 Vintage fossil-fired steam turbine following 700 starts and 345,000 operating hours.


MD&A can provide you with a clear and objective roadmap for future operations, realistic unit expectations, precise future component inspection advice, and specific operating suggestions.


MD&A experts have developed a generator field pulling & support system to address the unique challenges associated with performing a 7FH2 Generator Major Inspection.


Learn how our new system safely extracts the field from the stator core, provides a stable work platform for on-site inspections, and enables crane access. 


MD&A would like you to meet one of our Experts!


Read the Q&A with Anthony Catanese, Production Service Engineer with our Bearings, Seals, and Hydraulics Division! Read the Q&A with him, which includes his explanation of the importance of regular maintenance to actuators.


Check out all of our expert interviews under each blue division title on our website under "Meet the Experts" section (under Our Company.)


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